Our Lawn Care Services

Red Hawk 5 Step Program

This is our most popular program, it consists of a full five-step program that lasts throughout the season to rejuvenate your lawn and start to repair the years of damage. Pricing starts at only $199.00 (4,000 SqFt), call us at (518) 762-4295 or email us for a free quote.


Turn that brown, thin lawn into that lush green oasis you've always wanted. Your lawn is a lot like you, to stay healthy and active lawns need the proper nutrition.  

Getting your lawn green is our business. We can test your soil, apply fertilizers, lime or recommend core aeration or other services to give you the best result.

You don't have to do a thing! We will move furniture, toys etc. prior to any treatment(s) and clean off all driveways, sidewalks and patios after a job is finished as well has post notification signs.

“I encourage communication between myself and my customers so that I can recognize and address whatever issues, problems and questions they may have about their lawn or my process.”
— Mike L. - Owner

“Healthy, thick turf is the best defense against most weed and insect problems.”
— Mike L. - Owner

Weed Control

Dandelions & crab grass driving you crazy? Red Hawk Lawn Care has the expertise and solutions to correct many of the problems that happen to turf in our area.

Weeds don't have to take over your lawn, with the proper plan and treatment we can have your lawn virtually weed free in no-time. 

From fence lines to curb lines and driveways, residential or commercial, Red Hawk can keep you weed free.


Insect Control

Insects play a big role in our eco-system, and a well maintained lawn helps with erosion, absorbs heat and provides an area around your house that reduces the frequency of biting insects.

Unfortunately parasitic bugs like grubs and chinch bugs attack the roots and foilage of your lawn and are continually working against you to destroy your beautiful turf from the soil up. This can cause brown spots, thin patches of lawn and allow soil to wash out and not help with water control.

Prevention and early treatments are more cost effective than restoring the damage caused by insects.

Red Hawk can help knock out those pesky critters, including treatments to reduce fleas and ticks. Our goal is to create a safe environment for you and your family and restore your home's curb appeal.


Ready to get a little Greener?

Call me at (518) 762-4295 (HAWK) or click below and I will get back to you with a free quote.

Other Lawn Services

Core Aeration

Core aeration makes for a more efficient utilization of the fertilization and relieves soil compaction which promotes a healthier stand of turf by allowing water, nutrients and air to get down into the root zone of the turf.


Early spring and fall is the perfect time to seed and to introduce newer varieties of grasses that are more drought, insect, and disease-resistant. “Healthy, thick turf is the best defense against most weed and insect problems” 


Slit seeding is a style of over seeding that utilizes a special machine that helps open up the turf and deposit the seeds in a slit or groove, making a perfect pocket for the seed to grown.

Soil Testing

Testing your soil can help determine the pH as well as the available plant nutrients. Based on the results we can create a custom plan for your lawn.

Lime Applications

Lawn Restoration & Repair

Lime can be added to fix pH issues with acidic soil. The process is very simple and effective and has been used for ages.

Sometimes you can't save a patch of grass, that is when we prepare the mineral soil and re-seed or add new sod to repair the damage.